I value freedom.

Freedom of everything. My own freedom and other people's one. Everyone has an inalienable right to be himself and go his own way. This is what I'm absolutely sure of. I'm continually changing, discovering something new. I learn, think, make mistakes, correct them and learn again. I comprehend. I can give an advice if I'm asked to and say nothing if I'm not. I dream. I observe, fantasize, create. I am in pursuit. I'm happy. Because I exist. Because I can breathe. I value changes and movement!

I like dancing and swimming. I'm kinda a water-loving dancer. I'm a bit worse at swimming than a dolphin. They are naturally seaborn after all. But I'm sure I can play guitar much better than any dolphin can! I realized I love dancing by chance. Once a girl at the disco (Hi, Lena!) almost dragged me to dance with her. I have to admit there was nothing of dancing in my clumsy jerky movements. But what a kick it gives to move in the rhythm and feel the music go through your body! Afterwards I tried to catch any opportunity to practice in dancing and finally started going to the street-dance club and even took part in competitions. Dancing has helped me to perceive music more deeply, to loosen up when I play the guitar and feel the music swirl around me. A musician without any doubt must dance! I'll write more on that subject sometime.

I love horses. That's another thing I realized by chance (Hi, Ola!). We used to study together in the first grade at school. Many years later we met again and she had by then become Candidate Master of Equestrian Sport. I asked her to teach me horse-riding and she told me to ride Bublik, a nasty horse that I could hardly make to move. As you ride him it seems like he squints at you and chuckles as though wanting to say 'I can stamp my hoof any moment and you will fly off me, miserable horse-rider'. But that's OK I just kept on learning and now can gallop away from bandits and save a beautiful princess. Thanks to Ola. She drilled me well - with and without stirrups and reins, in hot weather and in severe frost. But I'm very grateful to her. By the way, once I even rode a horse over a meter high barrier and it doesn't matter anything that I ended up in the bushes. The fact itself is important!


I also like to chop wood and fire a furnace. I like to gather mushrooms but don't like to eat them. I like fishing but I release back into the water all that I catch! I also like bikes, pull-up bars, frogs, chess and books. I love to run on the grass, lose myself in the woods, stare at the sky and clouds, dive deep where it's cold and you can see the sun shining through the water. I like to climb a mountain. A strong wind. Spread your arms wide and you fly! I like to keep silent. I like the guitar and to speak with my guitar.


A bit more about guitar…

I wouldn't have become a musician if it wasn't for Ola. The girl who made me to ride Bublik and later Jorik, Yemelya, Pyatachok... When we were in the first grade that girl told my mother that at the music lesson I had remembered where the C note was and played some scale. And when my mom asked me if I wanted to go to music school I muttered 'yes' (while breaking just another toy car). I, with no doubt, opted for learning guitar. Now I see that even though being a child I made the wisest choice.

They didn't want to admit me to music school as I sang 'Katysha' loudly and masterfully but... on a single note. My mom was told that I would go far but unfortunately not in music. Anyway I went through music school then academy of music, conservatory. It's a long story and I'm not going to enter into details about it just now. There were a lot of contests, concerts, exams, obligatory programs and strict deadlines. It was a system of compulsion - you have to, you need, you must, you are obliged... Determined pieces to a determined date. At times I was nearly about to gave up learning guitar. When you're forced to do something there's no pleasure. But something just didn't let me give up so I armed myself with patience. Not until I graduated from all those institutions did I realize that I could play anything, anytime and, above all, no matter how difficult a piece is. That was the point.

Music is my bag. I play guitar because I like to and I am not forced to do that. You can play in a simple way without trying to sound unnecessarily complicated just to show off. You can also do without sheet music altogether and improvise off the cuff. You can play the music inside you. The music only you can hear. Not your teacher. And above all you free not to play altogether if you don't feel like. That was a bottom line for me. The thought that I am not forced to play guitar helped me crash through my inner barriers and improved my performance. I began to play more, with an efficiency I couldn't even dream of when I was at music school or academy.

I feel like I'm in the very beginning of a never-ending road. I spent much time on realizing the simplest ideas but now I clearly see where and why I should go. I see my downsides and what I should improve on. That doesn't frighten me but instead makes me happy since I'm able to look at myself from above not from below.

* * *

Actually there are so many interesting things to do in life and I want to try them all! I'd like to learn sailing and pilot an aircraft or even fly like a bird! Bublik once helped me try a free-flight :) It is better to fall that to sit and wait. My life has just begun and everything is going to be OK!